10 June 2013

Caseyville Cafe re Restaurant Impossible.

This is a tough one to write about as I love to root for the underdog but I have to say, I am NOT surprised. Having been born and raised in the area it was kind of exciting to see a local restaurant being featured on Chef Irvine's show, Restaurant Impossible.

As somewhat of an amateur chef who loves everything that is food with a devoted passion, I have always found it fun to visit restaurants featured on some of televisions great food programs. So today as I was passing through Caseyville I decided to pay the Caseyville Cafe a visit and try a few of the dishes that Chef Robert tried to improve in not only quality but cost as well.

It didn't get off to a great start I must say, while the interior decor looks 150% better than prior, there was a disturbing odor that hit me right in the face as I entered. Okay, I decided to get around the smell and try a couple of dishes that Chef Robert added/changed to the menu. First thing I looked for on the soda and/or coffee stained menu was the Shrimp and Asparagus,Gone. Okay, despite how great it looked on the show, I was skeptical it would be a hit with the culinary tastes of Caseyville.

Since there was no Shrimp I decided to move on and try the new version of Country Fried Steak ala Chef Robert. I was served a tough, dry tasteless piece of a low grade beef that most hospital cafeteria's wouldn't serve. The sides, "mashed potatoes" and fried corn on the cob. My first comment, someone owes my taste buds an apology for implying that mashed potatoes were on the way, they were highly offended by the soupy instant potatoes that arrived topped with a "just add water gravy".

I could discuss the deep fried corn on the cob but it's simply not worth it.

Disappointed to say the least.

21 May 2013

Is life like a box of chocolates?

Today I was sitting in a restaurant and overheard someone use the old Forrest Gump quote about "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. I sort of agree with that and yet I strongly disagree. For me life is like a winding highway, danger and excitement at every curve. How much you slow down at each curve decides a lot.

17 May 2013

I love human beings.

I love human beings, there I said it. With the evolution of Social Media it has been very interesting to see how your friends view the world. People hesitate for the most part to discuss a lot of political or religious topics when it comes up at a dinner party, office lunch, etc. But give someone a Facebook or Twitter account and they become instant masters of philosophy. The claws come out, long time friends trade insults, it's really quite funny when you think about it. The shyest person can be an internet extrovert with an opinion on everything. I love human beings.

16 May 2013

Great young enteprenuer!

Ladies can take a walk on the fun side of shopping. PeaceLoveMeow.com delivers great products and the shipping is always free. 3 test buys to check it out and they delivered.


Human beings make mistakes. To forgive is very cool, hate is a waste.

It's not about me, REALLY?

This world needs more "Pay it Forward" thinking. The concept of "it's not about me" needs to go. Like the old song goes, "Come on people now, smile on your brother, try to love one another right now". It works!

Back in the saddle again and ready to ride!

I have been out of the game for awhile due to a little thing called a coma. The good news is I am back and sharper than ever! Ready to get my hands dirty so watch out, here I come.