10 June 2012

Review -Bricks Family Sports Grill

I decided to take my time when it came to reviewing Bricks as this building has not seen a lot of success for the 3 previous tenants (all bar and grill types).  Well, this is no typical Bar and Grill.  Yes it has a bar, yes it has a grill, but what takes place behind those kitchen doors is not what you might expect.  The cross cultural cuisine that Chef Jim has created is by far the most diverse and creative menu in the Superstition Springs area and beyond. 

Without question they offer the finest steak in the area.  Filet Mignon served with sauteed' spinach, a perfect twice baked potato and topped with french fried onion strings.  Superstition Springs residents, this is the best steak dinner within a 20 mile radius at least.

Nachos?  If you are looking for a little Happy Hour nosh with a Mexican Flavor? Forget about On the Border and the other guys!  These nacho's will blow away everybody with their fresh ingredients, not to mention the amazing portion.

Burgers you ask? Pick a burger, ANY burger.

I think Jim must have known me from a previous life when he created his Salmon Sliders as they seem to be custom made for me.  Thank You Jim!

Now let's talk comfort food. Jim has truly re-defined Mac n Cheese with his version.  4 cheeses and mild but flavorful green chile's, unbelievable!  Get the grilled chicken add-on, you can thank me later.

The Cobb Salad has no East Valley competition, it's simply the best!

Time to stop as I believe it's time for you to stop in yourself.

Tell Jim and Joy that Dan sent you!

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