06 June 2012

Time for a food review of R.T. O'Sullivan's

I want to make it perfectly clear that I love the Irish menu!  From Corned Beef and Cabbage to Shepards Pie with a side venture to Lamb Stew!  Rula Bula in Tempe knocks it out of the park everytime!  R.T. O'Sullivans is a true "Irish Poser"!!!

I gave them 3 shots at getting it right and they failed miserably!  You NEVER slice corned beef WITH the grain and you NEVER serve end cuts that are so full of fat they could be considered "Corned Beef Bubble Gum"!

When I returned the dish the manager confronted me in a very unprofessional manner and accused me of "not knowing brisket"  He better do his homework next time.

For the record I will say the daytime bartenders do a fine job, but come in the evening or weekend and be prepared for old fashioned "watered down drinks" in my humble opinion.  Low Rent/Bush League, etc.  you pick the term, I won't be back.  

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